How It Works

  • Promote our Green Tea Plants from your web site or blog and make money!

  • We pay 10% of every sale referred to us from your site.

  • Our Software tracks leads, sales and commissions. Log in and check on your commissions any time you want!  Commissions paid every 30 days by check or direct deposit into you Paypal account.

Here’s how it works

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  1. Sign Up for our Affiliate program

Go to Our Affiliate Program Page and sign up with your company/web site details and contact info. . Once your registration details are submitted we’ll review your site, approve you as an Affiliate and set up your account. Once you receive your approval you are ready to login to your Affiliate Account located right on the same Affiliate sign up page.

  1. Login to Your Affiliate Account.

Login to your Affiliate account and use the Tools there to generate your Referral links and to change Account Settings, see your earnings (Statistics), and view your Traffic Graphs etc. We provide all the required tools you need to monitor your efforts and earnings.  

  1. Generate Affiliate links and Use banners to Promote Us

After Logging in to your account you can generate Affiliate URLs to our Products page (or to any of our pages.)  Copy, Paste and publish these links on your website or blog so that people can follow your link and visit our website to buy our products We have beautiful Banners too! Just go to our Banners page and select any size banner you want as per the instructions provided on that page. Copy and paste these into your site and there you are! You are on your way to making money and we will do all the work!

All Done!! Now wait and watch your earnings!

You have now successfully published our links and banners (with your unique Affiliate I.D.) on your website, When a Visitor to your website Clicks on our Links and  Banners they will be directed to our Webpage. If they purchase Green tea plants or one of our related products..Ka Ching! You just made 10% and it will be credited to your account.

How much can you earn???

No limit! How much visitors come to your Web site or Blog each day?
Let’s say 5 visitors to your web site click on our banners and buy Green Tea plants.
Our regular price for a Green Tea Plant is $7.98
Average sale is 2 plants person or $15.96 total.
5 X 15.96 = 79.80 each day off of your site
10% of 79.80= $7.90 per day paid to you and placed in your account
$7.90 x 30 days =$237a month! We send you a check or direct deposit via Paypal.
Eezee Peezeeee! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now, and let’s get started!

Join Us Today!!!

Questions? Call us at  352 460 9854     7 days a week.   9 to 5 daily.