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Sold out. Green Tea Plants and Tea Plant Seeds for 2015

In 2006 we began our small business importing Tea plants and seeds from India. Now we sell Green Tea from India, China and Korea. Thank you for your business and blessings on your New Year as you connect with Family, God and the Earth. -The Behncke Family

We are sold out of Green Tea Plants for 2015 but the good news is Fresh Green Tea Seeds from the plantations of China have arrived and we are selling a “limited quantity” first come, first served!

About our seeds
These are the same seeds we select and use to grow our own plants that sell for $7.95 and at a $1 a seed this is a great opportunity to grow a lot of plants for cheap!

How we select seeds
Firstly, if you don’t have fresh seeds forget it! We learned this the hard way.How do you know the seeds are fresh? They sink! That’s right, we put them in water and the ones that sink are the ones that sprout. We don’t waste time on seeds that float. So you are getting the best seeds that money can buy.

We pre-soak them
Seeds loose viability for each week they are above ground. So we soak the seeds before we send them to you and they are ready to go into a pot as soon as you get them!

Flat Rate Shipping
Our minimum is 10 seeds but you can fit 55 seeds into a box so the more you buy the better the price.

Don’t loose out.
We have only sold seeds a few times over the years and we just sell enough to cover the cost of our shipping and we end the sale..so don’t miss out!

Spring plant sale coming soon ..get on our email list!
If you want plants then you don’t want to miss out on our Spring Sale for 2016!
We notify our Facebook friends and our mailing list first so you don’t want to miss this sale. Write us at Uniqueplants@aol.com and put “mailing list” in the subject line. We will add you to the list and let you know when the Tea plants are ready!

USA only
Sorry, we do not ship outside of the USA.
Delivery Time
Please allow 1 week for delivery. These seeds are pre-soaked. We want to get them to you asap, so that you can get them planted