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We will double any order of green tea seedlings (over 4 plants) FREE
and we will donate 50% to
Peace Trail International to create jobs for the unemployed deaf in Costa Rica and United States. Help us bring create jobs for the deaf and make our economies sustainable.

2017 Green tea seeds sold out!

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About our seeds: We spent a lot of money and a lot of time in years past buying old seed that produced no plants. Green tea plants is shot viable, meaning the percentage that germinate drops for every week they are not in the ground. We learned the hard way that you need a good source of seeds and plants and how to check the seed for viability. So we went to China and found a reputable company that was willing to ship us only the freshest seeds. Then we go one step further, we hand select just the best seeds so you are likely to get 85%-100% germination from the seeds we send you.
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Limited time and limited quanity.
We don’t sell seeds every year. But sometimes we can use a little cash flow or we have extra seeds and so we offer it up at first come first served to our customers. This sale is for about a week or until supplies last.
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Who we are.

Greetings, we are the Behncke Family. We have traveled the world looking for tea plants and seeds (see photo above recent trip to south China). It has taken us years to find the right plants and grow them in our nursery in Florida. We are a family business dedicated to helping people bridge the gap between themselves and locally grown food. Growing your own tea, how can you do better than that? We were the first people to bring Green tea plants and seeds to Ebay and the most trusted. 100% satisfaction.

Plants guaranteed to arrive healthy or replaced.
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