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Healthy vigorous Green Tea Plants from the Fields of North China.

Now you can grow your own tea plants and enjoy the romance and health benefits of Green tea. Live tea plants in your own yard! You can harvest fresh green tea year round.

Our plants come ready to go into pots to baby for another year or two or right in to the ground in a protected shady area. We will send you complete instructions for caring and processing your Own Tea

Did you know that Black Tea is actually the fermented leaves of the Green Tea plant? That’s right! Now you can grow your own Tea plants and in addition to enjoying the benefits of the freshest Green Tea possible, you can also learn how to ferment your own Oolong and Black Teas! We have a limited quantity of live tea plants and sellout every year so order

We ship Flat Rate and so the more you buy the better the deal! Stuff a box today at these great prices for real Green Tea Plants.

1-3 plants $7.95 each plus $8.50 shipping
4-6 plants $7.50 each plus $15.50 shipping
7-15 plants $6.95 each plus $15.50 shipping

BONUS!  Purchase 6 plants or more and we will include Free Fertilizer for year for each plant. This is the same Fertilizer we use to bring our plants to maturity fast.
DOUBE BONUS. Purchase 8 or more plants and get both a years’ worth of Free Fertilizer PLUS  Free Pidgeon Pea Super Survival seeds.

That’s right!! Purchase 8 plants and we will send you 20 Pigeon Pea Seeds. The seeds grow into 5 ft bushes and produce for 5 years! A super survival food that feeds much of Latin America and India, the Pidgeon Pea is a great hedge, windbreak, soil stabilizer and nitrogen fixer. Save the seed from your plants and replant to feed the whole family for years to come, you can even feed the leaves to chickens!

Who we are.

Greetings, we are the Behncke Family. We have traveled the world looking for tea plants and seeds (see photo above recent trip to south China). It has taken us years to find the right plants and grow them in our nursery in Florida. We are a family business dedicated to helping people bridge the gap between themselves and locally grown food. Growing your own tea, how can you do better than that? We were the first people to bring Green tea plants and seeds to Ebay and the most trusted. 100% satisfaction.

Plants guaranteed to arrive healthy or replaced.
Allow 7-10 days for delivery